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Isokinetic System

Isokinetic System

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Product Description



         Isokinetic Machine should measures Isokinetic/ Isometric / Isotonic / Passive Concentric / Eccentric Muscle Loading

         It should have Touch Screen operations

         It should have Automatic Position Movement

         Its Dimension should be flexible to fit different locations

         It should have Enhanced Computer Graphics and test reports on computer screen

         It should have Clinically Oriented Application

         Isokinetic machine should have automated electronic robotic dynamometer for use in the computerized assessment of muscle evaluation, prevention function and training.

         The machine should have Isokinetic, Isometric, and Isotonic. Passive muscle test modes.

         The equipment should includes Automatic linear actuator system for seat backrest, dynamometer and column positioning system

         It should consists of the following components: Main Cart, Monitor Cart, Computer with Accessories Cart, Lumbar cart, Foot board cart

         Computer and software with dynamometer should give precise measurements, multiple exercise variations, versatile reporting capabilities, and simple-to-use features-all in one system


         It should have isokinetic concentric and eccentric both modes of the speed between 0-800/sec and torque of 542ft lbs/735Nm

         It should have isotonic mode of the speed between 0-800/sec and torque of 542 ft lbs/735Nm

         It should have isometric mode in torque of 542 ft lbs/735nm

         It should have passive or CPM mode of the speed between of 0-800/sec and torque of 542 ft lbs/735Nm

         It should do the testing and exercise of all the joints like ankle, elbow, hip, knee, lumbar, shoulder, wrist

         It should work on the power of 220volt,50Hz/60Hz,3Kw


         it should have electronic seat positioning as following :-

backrest seat forward/back (0-150mm)

backrest seat angle up/down (0-90)

         it should have electronic dynamometer positioning for the following :-

dynamometer height up/down (0-500mm)

dynamometer movement (0-400mm)

         it should manual movement left/right of (0-180)

         it should have manual seat angle of (0-15)

         it should have manual dynamometer rotation of (0-360)

         it should have manual dynamometer title of (0-360)


Its computer should be of following specifications

         Pentium IV

         RAM 2GB

         HDD 500 GB

         15 Inch LCD Monitor flat panel touch screen



         Color Printer(Lase)


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